The purpose of pending constructions at Thrihnukagigur is to make the crater accessible to the public and open a tourist spot that will support the Icelandic tourist industry. The goal of the project is to allow people to be introduced to the amazing phenomenon the crater is, alongside learning about geology and the lay of the land.

The constructions consist of building an access road from the skiing resort, a parking lot, walkways, underground service building and a 300 m long earth tunnel. The possibility of a spiral staircase from the balconies down to the bottom of the crater is being anticipated.

The assessment work emphasised the possible impact on groundwater, countenance, protection value, outdoor activities and the safety of the guests. In the assessment, important research questions were defined, in cooperation with professional institutes, to find essential answers to questions concerning the danger of pollution. Pressure and risk factors were identified in the activity at Thrihnukar and in the traffic to and from the area. Concerning construction in the crater itself, emphasis was put on minimal disturbance to the lava surface and the possibility of being able to remove the construction in most parts. In that way negative impact to the environment  could be recoverable for the most part.

Project period: 2011-2013.

Client: Þríhnúkar ehf.