About VSO Consulting

VSO Consulting provides its customers with comprehensive engineering and management consulting with the goals of ensuring them the most efficient solutions for each task that produce tangible results for them and an edge in their field.

VSO Consulting’s offices in Iceland and in Norway currently employ a tight knit group of around 90 people, educated in the fields of engineering, environmental affairs, economics, landscape design and more.

The vast experience and knowledge of the VSO personnel is based on various projects the firm has worked on in Iceland as well as in other countries in the years that have passed since the firm was founded in 1958. Originally the firm operated mostly in the field of civil engineering but in the seventies, new fields were introduced, offering diverse service that met the needs of the clients.

In the past few years, VSO’s influence has grown, and the service has become more diverse as well, either with the development of a new consulting field or the founding of subsidiary companies in collaboration with people who possess the expertise in the respective fields. Today, VSO is composed of six main branches, those are project management, transport, mechanical and electrical, environment and planning, infrastructure and buildings and construction. VSO emphasizes recruiting well educated and qualified employees and strives to create excellent work environment and offer them a chance to evolve in their work.

VSO operates according to a certified quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The board of VSO Consulting

VSO board members are:

  • Einar K. Stefánsson
  • Guðjón Jónsson
  • Hrefna Fanney Matthíasdóttir
  • Ólafur Hermansson
  • Sandra Dís Dagbjartsdóttir
  • Sigríður Ósk Bjarnadóttir
  • Stefán Gunnar Thors (deputy member)

Chairman of the board is:

  • Guðjón Jónsson
VSO Consulting's motto

VSO Consulting’s motto is:



SUCCESS- We emphasize that all projects we undertake produce tangible results for our customer.

ADVANCEMENT- Continuous advancement is crucial to VSO because that is how we can help our customers to improve their results.

ADVANTAGE- We want our service to help our customer gain an advantage in their field.