Bike paths in Reykjavík 2014, supervision

This is a tripartite execution:

  • Stjörnugróf between Traðarlands and Seljalands and Sæðvarlands.
  • Háaleitisbraut between Brekkugerða and Bústaðavegur and next to Bústaðavegur at about 100 meter section beside Háaleitisbraut.
  • Suðurgata, from Starhaga to Gnitanes and Einarsnes, and from Gnitanesi to Bauganesi.

On all locations sideways were renewed and a bike path installed alongside it, in part or whole. Street lighting was renovated next to Stjörnugróf and Suðurgata along with heating pipes on Suðurgata. Junction boxes and hydrants were also renewed and/or relocated to where they needed to be

A part of preexisting  roads had to be demolished and all the sidewalks, materials had to be exchanged, sewage pipes and electrical wiring had to be installed, along with new street lights, pavements molded and bike paths macamadised.

VSO is responsible for:

  • Construction supervision and control.
  • Assistance to designers due to solutions to tasks during project period.

Project period: 2014-2015.

Client: Reykjavik city and Reykjavik Energy.