Geothermal Exploitation in Corbetti, Ethiopia

The project involved producing an environmental impact assessment for a 500 MW geothermal exploitation. The approach was to organise the constructions into several phases, and use the information from each phase to develop the next one. The area in question was an extensive research area. Research inquisitions were formed in collaboration with Ethiopian specialists, who then took care of all preliminary research in the area. The assessment work involved among other, defining terms according to Ethiopian laws, along with the ones international institutes add. The project in question was very significant, borne from a policy that the Ethiopian government instituted in order to implement electricity into the everyday life of the nation in a quick manner. VSO drew up an assessment plan or report, which the government approved. VSO’s approach was in part based on the fact that Ethiopian assessment laws are more considerate of the nature and singularity of geothermal constructions in large parts.

Project period: 2011-2012.

Client: Reykjavík Geothermal.