Environmental Impact Assessment for Landsnet Systems Planning

VSO has been cooperating with Landsnet in the making of an environmental impact assessment of the systems planning in the past few years. In this case, a novelty was used in the making of the systems plan, so the best approach to the project was worked on from the start, along with integrating the environmental impact assessment into the systems plan. Emphasis has been put on option analysis, data accuracy, usage of land information, collaboration and and that all information be sufficiently informing for decision making. With Landsnet initiative to make use of environmental impact assessment methodology, a profit has been turned in the way of better planning, which consists of for example, taking into consideration more viewpoints and the comparison of options to reduce negative environmental impact of the plan.

A novelty in the 2016-2025 systems plan was the inspection of the impact of energy exchange, both for energy need and possible recession in the emission of green house gases. In this way Landsnet was putting forth certain information for discussion about this essential topic.

Project period: 2016-

Client: Landsnet.