Fjarðarfrost in Hafnarfjörður, Cold-Storage Facility

A new cold-storage facility for Eimskip located at Hafnarfjörður harbor

The project involved the construction of a new cold-storage facility with the capacity for 10 thousand tons, located at Hafnarfjörður harbor. The total size of the house is 7,000 m2 and is evenly divided into two freezers and a 1,200 m2 large reception and service area. For comparison, this facility is three times bigger than the one Eimskip has at Sundahöfn harbor. The cold-storage facility was erected during an unusually short period of time, but only 9 months passed from the start of the constructions on the property before the first products were stored in one of the two freezers.

VSO’s role in the project was:

  • Project and design supervision.
  • Construction supervision and control.

Project period: 2015-2016.

Client: Eimskip.