Dalskóli in Úlfarsárdalur, Reykjavik

Kindergarten and elementary school

The project is the complete design and construction of a primary school and kindergarten in Úlfarsárdalur which includes, a swimming pool, gymnasium, library and a recreation center, a total of 17,000 m2. The buildings are designed with a three-dimensional BIM methodology.

Strict demands are placed on the environment and a neat finish due to the school proximity to Úlfarsá river. The buildings will meet the requirements of the BREEAM standard with the rating “Very Good”, but are currently going through the certification process.

VSO is responsible for:

  • Geotechnical design.
  • Structural design.
  • HVAC systems design.
  • Electrical systems design.
  • BREEAM consulting.
  • LCA calculations.

Project period: 2015-2020.

Client: Reykjavik City.