Traffic & Transport Technology

VSO has extensive experience in the field of Traffic & Transport Technology and uses only the most advanced and up-to-date software for both design and planning of such projects.  VSO has extensive experience and has undertaken various projects in this field that can be further divided into the categories listed below.

Public Transport

It is in many ways both more complicated and difficult to organize Public Transport than any other type of transport, due to both the complexity of transport choices and transport routes.   The person making a journey must decide whether to use public transport and which route to take, taking into account the travel speed, cost, number of transfers, safety, comfort – and not necessarily in that order of preference.  Careful planning of Public Transport is therefore absolutely fundamental as is are the right knowledge and the right tools for planning and design, which is exactly what VSO has.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • A Transit Model that provides the service quality of various options.
  • Feasibility studies on public transport.
  • Design of public transport priority lanes.
  • Strategic planning of public transport.
  • Tendering of public transport services.
  • Design of switching stations.
  • General consulting in the field of public transport.

When planning for new or renovated residential areas and districts the number and layout of parking spaces can have a major effect on the traffic and the environment.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • Evaluation of required parking spaces.
  • Parking sharing, in regard to short- and long-term parking.
  • Restructuring of parking areas examining e.g. possibilities for increasing number of parking spaces, universal design etc.
  • Implementation and placement of access control systems.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Pedestrians & Cyclists

In the recent years there has been a noticeable shift towards promoting a change in travel habits, especially towards the more active ways of transport such as cycling and walking.  The raised focus on this in city planning has increased the need for better organisation and design of pathways with higher quality, to make cycling and walking a more feasible option.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • Planning and design of pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Bicycle parking, needs analysis and design.
  • Traffic plan for bicycling.
  • Strategic planning for bicycling.
  • Universal design for pedestrians and cyclists.
Transportation Forecasting

When organizing land-use or designing infrastructure it is essential to have access to reliable transportation forecasting, both short term and especially long term.  VSO has extensive experience in this field.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • Transportation forecasting for land-use plans.
  • Transportation forecasting for new development.
  • Transportation forecasting for infrastructure.
  • Traffic model for south-west Iceland and rural areas.
  • Traffic model for heavy vehicles in Iceland.
  • Models to predict evacuation time.
  • Changes in travel behaviour.
Traffic Technology

When designing, renovating or changing the use of traffic structures or neighbourhoods it is essential to realize the effect it will have on e.g. levels of service and capacity.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • Analysis of service levels and capacity.
  • Traffic planning.
  • Traffic simulation.
  • Comparison between intersection alternatives.
  • Mobile management.
Road Traffic Safety

Increased road traffic safety has economic benefits for the community.  Measures to improve road traffic safety are primarily targeted at reducing the risk of serious accidents and fatalities. When implementing these measures it is necessary to consider the needs of all the relevant wayfarers.

Among VSO’s previous undertakings in this field are:

  • Road Traffic Safety pans for municipalities.
  • Traffic safety valuation and analysis of roads, streets and pathways.
  • Accident analysis.
  • Evaluation and implementation plan for selected areas.
  • Evaluation of road traffic safety at intersections.
  • Black Spot analysis
  • Traffic Safety for on children’s routes to schools.

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