Three kindergartens in Trondheim

Three new kindergartens in Trondheim, Norway

The project involved the preliminary design of three new kindergartens in the municipality of Trondheim in Norway.
The buildings are designed using BIM 3D methodology.

The Eberg kindergarten contains 6 sections, a total 1,100 m2 and ready for use in 2013.
The Karine Lund kindergarten contains 4 sections, a total of 700 m2 and ready for use in 2014.
The Granåsen kindergarten contains 5 sections, a total of 900 m2 and ready for use in 2014

VSO’s role in the project was:

  • Structural design.
  • HVAC systems design.
  • Electrical systems and lighting design.
  • Design of the access road.

Project Period: 2012-2014.

Client: Trondheim kommune in Norway