Community’s financial resources are limited and competition for their allocation is fierce. Those financially responsible for companies and organiztions must therefore at all times ensure more efficient use of financial resources provided for their operations.

In seeking ways to reduce expenses, mainly two alternative methods are used. One is to reorganize operations, change work processes or adopt new technologies. The other is to outsource particular tasks not involving the main operation of the company or organisation in question. In recent years company leaders have increasingly focused their attention on various operational changes and outsourcing options. Service contracts can be put out for tender or negotiated directly with pre-selected parties. Knowledge of the subject involved and competition on the market are the necessary premise for achieving the desired results from a tender offer.

In order to ensure benefits from a service contract the cost of the current operation must be known. Experience shows that quite often this information is not readily available, and company directors are not aware of the actual cost of individual operations.

VSO Consulting commonly recommends tender offers in fields such as cleaning services for business premises, operation of cafeterias, garbage collection, container transport, milk transport, operation of nursery schools, etc. The Clients have been government parties as well as private companies, large and small.

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