For 20 years, VSO Consulting has been in the forefront in product management or logistics in Iceland. The company has worked on logistics projects for a number of stores, service companies and manufacturers, large and small.

Logistics revolves around all the dissimilar, but integrated procedures required to move and handle supplies from their place of origin to a destination. Today’s consumers demand low prices, speed and reliability of service. Companies’ competitiveness can be determined by how these matters are handled. Extensive work in the field of Supply Chain Management, is carried out in co-operation with collaborating firms, including the following:

  • Policy making for supply chain management
  • Site selection
  • Inventory and factory logistics
  • Planning and land use of industrial sites
  • Distribution and inventory control
  • Organisation of transport and distribution systems
  • Restructuring of work processes
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Service and sales
  • Information flow

The logistics methodology is equally useful to manufacturers, distributors and those selling the merchandise or services.

The key factor in achieving results is a detailed d analysis of the customer’s needs and goals. Most companies find this study alone very valuable apart from other benefits from the projects.

For further information, please contact Aðalsteinn Sigurþórsson