Landscape Management

Landscape management plans span long timelines as well as brief ones, and influence preservation, development and the operation of landscapes. These plans are an important control tool for those who supervise the maintenance of landscapes, whether it be within a municipality or individual companies. Maintenance plans are based on a fixed set of guidelines that define the key components which are essential for the maintenance. They are part of a particular work process which among other is based on layouts and vertical aerial photographs, analyses of areas and a professional evaluation. At the end of this process, a very precise collection of information and reviews of the landscapes are included in the plan. The maintenance plan also includes a policy for long-term maintenance affairs.

VSO Consulting has handled the project management in the making of maintenance plans as well as undertaken the making of them in a close collaboration with the buyer. In addition to handling supervision pertaining to maintenance and surface finishing, VSO has also carried out offer preparations and development planning relating to the tender which includes maintenance projects. VSO has also cooperated closely with Iceconsult and Reykjavík City concerning the development of The Maintenance chief, a software which is specially designed for maintenance control.

The solutions VSO Consulting has to offer is suitable for the municipalities, institutions and companies that want to establish a proper approach to the maintenance of landscapes. We also assist private parties with the maintenance of private properties and recreation grounds.

Included in VSO Consulting’s maintenance team is:

  • Landscape designers.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Environmentalist.
  • Specialist in ArcGis.

For further information, please contact Stefán Gunnar Thors.