Landscape Design

VSO has been involved in a wide range of projects in the field of Landscape Design and offers an array of services in this regard.  Amongst these projects is the landscaping of plots for various institutions, businesses and private parties, landscaping associated with the design of roads and pathways, involvement in land-planning and environmental projects and etc.

When it comes to landscaping and choices between materials a high emphasis is placed on ecofriendly and low-maintenance solutions.  A close cooperation with architects and other designers is also held in high regard as is a good collaboration with the client.


Landscape Analysis

When it comes to landscaping and land-use planning VSO places a great emphasis on Landscape Analysis.  Landscape Analysis involves the definition of the main characteristics and strengths of the given environment.  It is a methodology that is consistent with the objectives of The European Landscape Convention and makes it easier for residents to participate in the land-use planning of their community and forming a positon on the proposed changes in land-use within their municipality.  When Landscape Analysis takes place the landscape is analysed in accordance with international classification systems and the landscape sorted into areas based on conservation value, sensitivity and the natures ability to recover from intervention. This analysis often prevents extensive, time-consuming and costly processes in the latter stages of land-use planning.

Landscape Analysis also provides a basis for planning of tourism. It is an important part of identifying and protecting areas that characterize each municipality and helps develop their image.

VSO’s Landscape Design team includes both Landscape Architects and Environmental Planners.


For further information, please contact Fríða B. Eðvarðsdóttir