Environmental Impact Assessment

Act no.106/2000 and Regulation no. 671/2000 on environmental impact assessment, specifies that before starting projects that could have a considerable impact on the environment, natural resources or communities, the environmental impact of such projects must be assessed. Such projects include for construction of hydroelectric and geothermal power stations, high-voltage power lines, chemical factories, mining sites, refuse disposal sites, new roads and harbours.

The intent of environmental impact assessment is to ensure that authorities have an overview of construction projects and community plans before their implementation. In the experience of VSO Consulting such assessments have benefited the buyer as well as the construction company through better preparedness and less risk of delay from unforeseen causes. It is important for environmental impact assessment to be carried out in parallel with the design so that environmental issues will be respected from the first stages of the project. Buyer’s and the construction company’s net gain from such an assessment is that they acquire a detailed overview of the planned project. VSO Consulting has in recent years, worked on many large and important assessment projects, such as:

  • Tunnel and road between Siglufjördur and Ólafsfjördur.
  • Nordlingaalda reservoir.
  • Kvíslaveita Reservoir, 6th phase.
  • Harnessing geothermal energy on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
  • Magnesium factory in Sudurnes.
  • Road across Vatnaheidi Pass on Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

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