Environmental Consulting

Pollution Issues

VSO Consulting offers a wide range of services in connection with pollution issues.  Projects in this area can be of a various nature such as assistance in setting up complex production processes where emphasis is placed on solving the project by putting together a group of professionals who, together, can solve all the different issues involved.  Participants in the group can be both national and foreign specialists, depending on the scope of each project.

VSO specialists have extensive experience of performing any kind of contamination measurements, can help organizing studies of contaminated areas and propose solutions to various problemsrelated to pollution issues.

VSO also offers assistance with defining projects or obtain offers in relation to pollution related issues and to those who need any kind of chemical analysis to monitor pollution or quality.


Waste Issues

Municipal waste issues are an extensive category that requires extensive planning and practical solutions.  Legal issues in the field of waste have changed dramatically in recent years and even further changes are likely in the future.   Environmental awareness has also grown rapidly and people no longer accept anything else but a clean and unpolluted environment to live in.  This results in making waste disposal and treatment of waste more complicated each year.  A large proportion of waste is reusable and/or recyclable but for recycling or reuse to be economical sorting of waste becomes a necessity.

VSO Consulting has in recent years worked on several projects in this field, including for Akranes Municipality where refuse collection, waste sorting and waste disposal was organized and for Reykjavík City, where a feasibility study was made regarding sorting and processing of organic waste from homes in Reykjavik.   Another study was also made for the town of Akureyri where feasibility of different waste management options was examined and several other smaller ones for other municipalities.

VSO Consulting offers consulting services in the overall planning of waste issues from barrel auctions and feasibility studies to overall planning of waste processes and environmental impact assessments of waste disposal locations.


For further information, please contact Guðjón Jónsson